New Ash Green & Hartley
Cricket Club
Affiliated to the Association of Kent Cricket Clubs and the Club Cricket Conference
  8th - 23rd September  

With the end of the league season a combination of holidays, work, injuries, football, education and family commitments took away almost the entire complement of players, and no teams could be raised for the first three weekends, though now the weather has broken we have a team for one final game against Ash on the 29th if the weather allows. However the scheduled pitchwork does merit a report.

Originally slotted for Sunday the 23rd a crew had been arranged, but by mid-week the weather forecast was turning firmly towards dire for Sunday. With the cooperation of the marvelous Peter Aylott (the man with the scarifier) we were able to get the vital equipment to us by noon on Saturday, and on a day perfect for both cricket and pitchwork as many of the crew as were able to attend at short notice turned up and worked hard through the day to get all the essential work done by sunset and have the square ready for winter. As the rain poured down and wind howled on Sunday and the thought of having to spread two tons of soil as it turned into several tons of sticky mud remained an unfulfilled nightmare we can safely it was a very good move to pull things forward and that the cancellation of Saturday's game turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Huge thanks to those who attended to help, Martin Ives, John Howland, James Gegg, Paul and Will Sumner, to Anna for supplying the bacon sandwiches, biscuits and drinks, as well as finding Spot's car keys and helping out with soil spreading when our need was greatest, and to Ian Mellor, Tim Cooper and Glen Freeman who would have helped had the work taken place on Sunday as planned and can now bask in the reflected glory without having had to lift a finger! The rest of you will know who to thank for the quality of the wicket next season, unless the storms have washed away all the seed we put down and left us with a grassless desert...