New Ash Green & Hartley
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  Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July  

Saturday 14th July 2012

New Ash Green v Sevenoaks Vine III
Bromley Common IV v New Ash Green II

Heavy rain in the week prevented any pitch preparation at Manor Field, and further heavy rain on Friday night meant the field was very soft on Saturday morning, with water oozing out of the ground in places and mud patches you could push a finger into without any effort. A few hour's sunshine might have made it possible to prepare a pitch in time for a shortened game in the afternoon, but with the forecast being for more rain an early decision was made to call it off, a decision which was fully vindicated by another heavy shower at noon that would have ended any hopes if the game had not already been off.

There was more hope for the second eleven game due to the existence of covers at Bromley Common's ground, and the knowledge that they were in place. However by 10.30 the message had been received that despite these the game was off - presumably because the outfield and rest of the square would still be too wet to play on.

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Sunday 15th July 2012

New Ash Green v Charlton Community XI

Darren Phillips' Charlton Community XI had to call this game off some time in advance, but a replacement fixture could have been obtained through the bureau, and something approaching an XI looked likely to be available. However in this summer of jinxed friendly cricket the final factor, the weather, was not in place. By Wednesday it was obvious the pitch was going to be very wet, and if a game was played on Saturday it was unlikely to be possible to play on the same wicket on Sunday. There was little appetite for committing to a game and having to hang about on Sunday waiting for it to be called off, so an early decision was taken not to try and find a replacement fixture. Ironically as this report is written the forecast is for a lovely dry day on Sunday, though the field is already soaking and with further rain forecast overnight it is highly unlikely that a game could have been played in any event.