New Ash Green & Hartley
Cricket Club
Affiliated to the Association of Kent Cricket Clubs and the Club Cricket Conference
  Match Reports for the 2009 Season  

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12th April v Bells Yew Green: Match Report

18th April v Rainham (Essex) and 19th April v Farningham: Match Report

25th April v Buckhurst and 26th April v New Ifield: Match Report

2nd May v Nortfleet, 3rd May v Brasted & Sundridge Exiles and 4th May v Wilmington: Match Report

9th May v Sherwood I & II and 10th May v East Malling: Match Report

16th May v Street End & Westgate-on-Sea II and 17th May v Horton Kirby: Match Report

23rd May v Littlebourne I & II, 24th May v Cobham II and 25th May v St. Marys: Match Report

30th May v Blue Bell Hill & Yalding II and 31st May v Sheppey: Match Report

6th June v Old Williamsonians & Sheppey II and 7th June v Nuxley: Match Report

13th June v Tonbridge & Holborough Anchorians II and 14th June v Dartford Town: Match Report

20th June v Whitstable III & Lordswood IV and 21st June v Harrietsham: Match Report

27th June v Borstal I & II and 28th June v Locksbottom II: Match Report

4th July v The Mote III & IV and 5th July v Chelsfield Park: Match Report

11th July v Sherwood I & II and 12th July v Pinewoods: Match Report

18th July v Street End and Westgate-on-Sea II and 19th July v Arlott: Match Report

25th July v Littlebourne I & II: Match Report

26th to 30th July West Country Tour: Match Report

1st August v Blue Bell Hill and Yalding II and 2nd August v Wilmington: Match Report

8th August v Old Williamsonians and Sheppey II and 9th August v Greenfell: Match Report

15th August v Tonbridge and Holborough II and 16th August v New Ifield: Match Report

20th August v Castlethorpe: Match Report

22nd August v Whitstable III & Lordswood IV and 23rd August Family Fun Day: Match Report

29th August v Borstal I & II, 30th August v EEM and 31st August v Sutton II: Match Report

2nd September v Gravesend: Match Report

5th September v The Mote III & IV and 6th September v Brasted & Sundridge Exiles: Match Report

12th September v Betsham and 13th September v Town Malling: Match Report

16th September v Hartley Country Club: Match Report

19th September v Nurstead and 20th September v Betsham: Match Report

26th September v East Malling and 27th September v Horton Kirby: Match Report

4th October v Teston: Match Report